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With this 2018-17 period starting off

College Hockey Talk 07 May 2018
With this 2018-17 period starting off Adam Graves Jersey, it’s dependable to speak about handbags is normally backside for excellent. On...
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Brendan Cruz as well as the Detroit White

NHL Hockey Talk 07 May 2018
Riley Sheahan additionally obtained and additionally Lomaz Glendening acquired typically the go-ahead intention with the next time for yo...
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A Dallas Actors recognize they may turn out to be done

Minnesota Wild Talk 06 May 2018
A Dallas Actors recognize they may turn out to be done away with via playoff contention next day or two, hence appearing for the snowing...
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George McPhee can be paying out a fabulous

Minnesota Wild Talk 06 May 2018
Knights' control windows Chris Driedger Jersey. This individual has any homemade cards in a major hunk on the league's gift, fielding req...
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Dwayne Moolah obtained your game-high

Minnesota Wild Talk 23 Apr 2018
Seminoles conquered Mn 75-67 concerning Mon from the ACC/Big Fifteen Struggle Keith Yandle Jersey.  US AT PRESENT Physical activitie...
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Navigation Menu

IP.Content 2.3 includes a new feature designed to help you build your forums and website out the way you want to: control over your primary navigational menu.

The primary navigation menu is the the "tab" bar across the top of the page that includes links to each major section of your site. IP.Board builds this automatically based on the applications you have installed, but when you use IP.Content, you will likely find yourself creating new pages that you wish you could quickly link to in that same bar. It is possible to edit your skin templates manually to accomplish this, but this presents a few problems:
  • Your template edits may need to be reverted when upgrading in the future in order to inherit updates in the skin in future releases.
  • You will have to determine the logic necessary to show the tab as "lit up" when someone is viewing that page (and to ensure other tabs do not appear to be lit up).
  • It is inconvenient repeating this process each time a new page is created.
This is no longer a problem with IP.Content 2.3. You can now visit the "Navigation Menu" page available under the Settings module in the IP.Content ACP area and build tabs through an easy to use interface. You can control what order your tabs display in, and even put them before or in between default application tabs. You can control almost every aspect of the tab from the title, the textual tooltip, any additional non-default attributes (for instance, including a javascript click handler that will log the click in an analytics program) and more. You can even create submenus that will display on click or on hover, including many links underneath one tab.

You can also modify many aspects of your default application tabs as well, going beyond what IP.Board offers by default. For instance, using this tool you can add additional attributes to your application tabs, change the title, and modify the textual tooltip shown when a user hovers over the tab.

The best part about this new feature - IP.Content automatically figures out which tab to light up without any extra work on your part!

We hope this new feature in IP.Content 2.3 helps you better control your site the way you want it to be.

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